Branding Lifecycle and Strategies.

Branding a business is not an easy task: it is stressful, it doesn’t come easy, and it is hard to maintain. Like any good thing in the world, it may cause you some headaches, but it is also one of the most rewarding and fun things that you can do for your company.

Branding your business is like dating; you need to “court” your potential market in order to begin a long lasting relationship. In a way, we can compare branding to human relationships. It is not enough to meet with someone every once in a while and expect to have a deep and meaningful relationship. It takes time, care and constant encouraging to keep it healthy. The only difference is that you will be “dating” several customers instead of just one.

Here at Twelve12, a top branding agency in Los Angeles, we want to share with you some insight about the branding world.

Engaging with your potential customers and your current customers is vital for any company. As I was saying before, branding is like “dating”, and the customer must be treated with extreme care as there are many other options out there for them to choose from. You need to be different and give more; this is called added value and this is what will make you stand out from your competitors. And even if you are the only option right now, you still need to develop an emotional connection with your customers and treat them with the importance that they deserve, because it is only a matter of time until a new option shows up and you need to be the best choice – no matter what.

There’s something called “brand lifecycle” and you need to determine the part of the cycle that you are standing at. If your business is new, you need to create your brand from the start, this part is crucial. It is easier to have a great brand from the beginning than to try to correct it later. Believe me, trying to fix bad branding is considerably harder and more expensive. I strongly suggest you to find an expert Branding Agency in Los Angeles like Twelve12 to guide you if you are at this point and you have little to no knowledge in this area.

Once you have located your position within the branding lifecycle, you can develop a branding strategy and reach your next goal or make the necessary adjustments to your current strategy. Give us a call today and find out more about branding strategies. At Twelve12, your brand is our business.

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