Developing the Best Digital Branding Strategies

Digital branding has some differences from regular branding, mostly because it is about taking the digital market in consideration and with that, you can’t just use regular branding. At Twelve12, we want to share with you some digital branding strategies that may help your company. Digital branding in Orange County is not very different from any other place; just make sure that you have a good understanding of your market.

Find a hook, but not just any hook: what makes your brand stand out from the others? When you find it, design your image and messages to reinforce that particular treat that makes it special. As we have explained in previous blogs, the online market shouldn’t be approached in the same way as traditional marketing used be, and you can no longer make people accept your brand just because you tell them to. To overcome this problem, you need to develop a personality for your company, and make it approachable and appealing to the type of customers that you are aiming for. Think about the popular guy, Facebook page, Instagram profile, etc. When any social media or digital content catches your attention, it’s because it was designed for people with your characteristics, and what do we do? We share it, tag people, endorse it, etc. I’m sure that you are getting the idea of how this works.

Now, talking about appealing content: this is a very important aspect of your digital branding strategies, and you don’t need to create a post with all the things that make your brand the best choice. It is better to focus on interesting and valuable content for your users. It is true that some brands only need to show the product, but being reasonable and truthful, most brands need to create content based on the interests of their target audience where they can see the brand in action or where they can get something out of the content, even a good time or a laugh, but make it special.

And of course, take advantage of social media interaction, as people use it every day, several times a day – so interact with your audience, listen to them and find new and better ways to connect with them.

There are many things to talk about when it comes to digital branding, those mentioned before are just a few, but very important strategies. At Twelve12 we have helped many small businesses and large companies achieve their branding goals. To learn more about digital branding in Orange County, give us a call today, we’ll be happy to assist you.

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