Brand Elements

At Twelve12, we understand the importance of having a powerful brand, so for effective branding in Orange County, we want to share with you some important brand elements that you need to think about when you are designing your brand.

Assuming that you did your homework and you have already 1) identified your target audience,  2) you understand their needs and the way they behave, and 3) you have researched your competition and done your SWOT analysis, now is the time to actually work on designing your brand.

First, you need to find your brand tone. Don’t know what that is? Not to worry! This is easy to explain: this is the way that you communicate with your audience. If you sell shoes, what type of shoes are you selling? Remember all the customer research that you already have done? This is one of the places where it will be very useful. You can’t say the same to the audience that buys designer shoes and to the audience that buys sports or specialized shoes, so find your voice. How do they communicate? Go with the same style. Keep in mind that this will be one of your first experiences with your clients, so try to be creative and unique, as this way, people will remember you. You think you need an example? Just Do It, by Nike. A powerful, competitive, and edgy voice.

Moving on to the visuals: this part goes along with your brand tone. As an example, imagine that you are having a conversation with a person that has a very deep voice; you visualize in your mind a big guy, very fit and very tall and then you get to meet the person and he turns out to be a very tiny person, who looks like he has never been even close to a gym. Something is odd with this picture, right? It is the same with your brand, and you cannot have one specific type of brand tone (let’s say a luxurious, sensual VIP tone), and then a completely different look, with bunnies and pandas and lots of glitter and rainbow colors. It just wouldn’t be right. Check out the most prestigious bank brands or hospitals; their logos and colors are usually sober, strong and reliable, and the tone? It fits, and their tone is usually serious and reliable, something that you can depend on and trust.

Colors and typography are also brand elements that you should keep in mind when you are working on your brand. You won’t be appealing to kids if you don’t have colors or fun elements incorporated in your visual elements, and you won’t be taken seriously as a lawyer if you have colorful flowers and funky typography in your logo.

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