Are Customers Identifying with your Brand?

Your Brand

It is time to talk about how your brand works to help you get customers and why you might need to make some changes in your branding. We have been taken by surprise by many problems that are affecting our normal life, but at Twelve12, we understand that giving up is not an option  – and that there are many out there who, instead of throwing the towel, are using this complicated time to come up with new and exciting ways of doing business. However, it is a very competitive moment too, so we want to share with you some vital information that our Orange County branding team gathered up just for you.

Branding Considerations

Why is it that some companies have products that might be just above ordinary and make a lot of sales and are recognized by everyone, and even lead online trends for weeks, yet other companies with high-quality products that are affordable and have a better value proposition than those mentioned above are struggling to survive? The answer may be as simple as how they present their brand to the target audience.

So, how do you get people interested in your brand? It is not a simple question, you need to do some research to find where the problem resides. Compare it with cancer; you just don’t cut one spot to cure cancer – you need to find the place where the tumor is and extract it, otherwise, it will keep spreading through the body and kill the person. The same principle applies to brands: if something is hurting your brand’s perception, you must find it and remove it.

The hard part is to actually find the problem. You can use different approaches to tackle this part. You can begin by doing a thorough analysis of your company, product and brand: are you really delivering what you promised? Does the product get delivered on time? Is the package attractive? Does your product reflect the company’s values and vision? There are so many variables that I strongly recommend you follow some type of guide and follow the steps if you don’t know how to do it.

Last but not least, there’s the logo, that visual representation of your whole company in a very tiny label. This might sound ridiculous, but if the buyers are not “feeling” your brand, they will choose another brand just because they find this illogical connection through the visual presentation of the company.

If you want to know more about how to improve your brand, or if you require a professional makeover, give us a call today. At Twelve12 we’ll be happy to help you with our friendly, expert Orange County branding team.

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