Digital marketing activities to focus on 2022

The concept of digital marketing includes all those activities made online to create relationships with customers, develop a brand, and conduct businesses. It is pretty much everything that we traditionally do but within the online scenario. At Twelve12, we want to share with you some more information about digital marketing in Orange County and some of its differences from traditional marketing.

In many ways, digital marketing is very similar to traditional marketing, however, the way we approach customers, break down markets, and analyze and work with data have a very different set of rules. This is mainly due to the behavior of the customer online. We also need to understand whether our digital reach will complement our offline efforts, or if our online marketing is our main activity and goal.


Social media engagement – great for your company

Interacting with people on social media channels is a very interesting experience for anyone, however, it can be a hazard for a company if you don’t get it right. If you only use your account to post ads, people will just dismiss your ads most of the time. This can take an even worse turn if you go with a random “company” as a result of searching for social media marketing company near me”, and the best-case scenario is that your social media marketing budget will not have a significant ROI. The worst possibility is that you can lose customers if your social media management is not up to scratch.


Advertising on social media – not just about posting ads

When you think about advertising and promoting brands and/or companies, you probably think radio, T.V., newspaper, magazines, billboards and for a few years now, online. The internet is a great place where a marketer’s creativity has no limits but their own. If I ask you about it, you will probably mention ads on social media, links to their websites, banners and other regular online forms of advertising, and it is actually pretty easy for almost anyone with access


What you need to know about online marketing strategies

Marketing strategies for your online business is not the same as undertaking traditional marketing. In a way, it still has the same components, but it is somewhat different. Since you are not just competing locally, you are usually marketing at a national level and sometimes even globally. But it doesn’t end there; the customer segment is not going to be the same as for a bricks and mortar business alone, and you will not be able to reach consumers in the same way that you are used to doing.


SEO Marketing Strategies to Position Your Business

Google is still one of the most popular search engines worldwide. Several research companies estimate that it has more than a billion visitors each month. That is a huge number of people that you wouldn´t be able to reach through a regular physical location. This doesn’t mean that those more than a billion and a half people are interested in whatever product or service you have to offer – but let’s face it, people are relying on search engines more than ever to find any sort of product or service.  And this is where companies look into SEO & digital marketing in Orange County to increase organic traffic to their sites.


It’s Time to go Pro on your Digital Marketing Strategy!

Is your digital marketing strategy professional?

At Twelve12, we want to help you through these difficult times.  We consider you not just another client, but also a friend – what are friends for if not to help each other in times of need?

You may have realized by now the importance of having an online presence, and we know it can be confusing, particularly for marketing goals and budgets, which is why we would like to talk to you about digital marketing in Orange County.


Internet Marketing Strategies for Businesses During Covid-19 Crisis

These have been some crazy days with all that is happening around the world around covid-19. Many businesses have been forced to close their doors, or have seen their flow of customers being dramatically reduced. For many business owners, this might be a sign of an economic apocalypse, however, at Twelve12, we strongly believe in the proverbial phrase that says “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. We go further, still, adding “and sell it” at the end of that phrase.

We also believe in unity and helping our customers and community when a crisis hits, so from our trenches, we want to share with you some business and Internet marketing strategies in Orange County that may help you during difficult times.


Dont overlook your online presence.

Online presence is something that shouldn’t be overlooked by any company. Almost everyone gets online at least once a day (if not several times a day) and for several hours! TV and radio have been very much displaced by smartphones and computers. Having such an audience captive for most of the day should be noticed by every single company, no matter whether they conduct businesses online or offline primarily. Knowing the importance of online marketing in Orange County, Twelve12 wants to share some more information about online marketing.