Bruce, iConn

I’m Bruce Whitehead, the Customer Development Manager at iConn Technologies. I work under Turker, the VP of Marketing and Sales. One of the things when I came on board with iConn is that I noticed that the website and some presentations had been a number of years since they had been revamped and we wanted to update and refresh our image marketing and branding wise. We put out on a search to find someone to assist us in doing that. We interviewed a number of firms and we interviewed Twelve12 and met with Ike and one of the things that struck us about Ike was that he was able to understand us very quickly. Our business model is very diverse and complex and Ike was able to grasp our business model. We could tell he was someone we were going to work with. We were happy with the way he was able to bring together what we had envisioned but didn’t know how to put a face to. And he did that with a lot of enthusiasm. iConn was looking for someone to partner with and when we were looking for someone to help us out, we wanted someone that could guide and direct us and be with us not only now for the refreshing to move to the future, but someone who would work with us and guide us as technology changes.

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