Brand it!

One of the most exciting parts of marketing is planning the way that you are going to introduce a brand to the market, but  it is a hard task. All the eyes of the company are set on you and your every move is closely monitored by the upper management. This can be a ticket to end up having a nervous breakdown!

Digital Marketing Planning – Part 3

So far we have reviewed how to analyze the market situation where we have to understand where the company or business is at the present moment. We look into how we are doing business, who buys from us, how and why. We also analyze the competitors and their strategies, their advantages and their weaknesses. The second part was all about objectives, all that we want to achieve as a company, how to increase the satisfaction level of our customers, find new ways to make our products or services stand out from others in the same market. We also looked into effective communication of messages to our clients and how to convince new ones to try us out.