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The number of internet users that spend time watching videos is overwhelming. It is suggested by some publications that numbers are over  70%. With so many apps, it is very easy to share rich video content in just a few minutes.  Under this light, it is very complicated to understand why some companies are still not producing video content as part of their regular social marketing or internet marketing strategies.

At Twelve12, as a part of our premium service of video production in Orange County, we are aware that, for some people, being in front of a camera is not an option, but there are many ways to produce a video without having to appear on camera for even a second. And if there is a necessity to show a face for the company, we have a lot of options that will be able to help you with that.

It is easier to watch a video than read the same information from a page; it is visually more appealing and it keeps the attention of the audience focused. People love watching videos, but they have to be about interesting things. Even if it is an ad, it should be so appealing that it compels them to share and comment online. This can only be achieved if you know and understand your customers. To do this, you will have to spend some time listening to their feedback, introduce new channels of communication, get into social media, and become a part of their group to understand their interests and beliefs.

Video Content marketing has been among the most effective tools for a few years now, and it is still a very popular way of doing online marketing. With the arrival of videos, this channel has become so much more appealing for everyone. Keep in mind that one of your goals as a company should be to communicate effectively with your clients – and video is a great way to do it.

If you want to know more about how to use videos to help your company achieve your goals, give us a call today and find out more about our video production in Orange County. At Twelve12, we have exactly what you are looking for.

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