The Stages of a Video Production

You woke up today thinking that you have a great business, that things are going really well and you want to take a few more steps to ensure that your company keeps growing. You think about it through your morning coffee and by the time that you sit down at your desk you decide that the best next step is to upload a video about your company.

How hard can it be to shoot a video if any kid is doing it now, right? Wrong… the thing is that yes, we can easily shoot a home video with just a couple of things, but you really don’t want someone ringing your door bell or the dog barking and even your significant other asking silly questions for you while you are doing a “professional” video, do you?

The main difference between a professional video and a home video is how professional it looks, you might not be familiarized with all the work behind a video, but believe me, it is not as easy as may think. First of all, it is not just turning on your camera and talk, have you tried to do this while you also try to look good? Then you have a length, when you shoot a video, you have to be sure that you are telling people exactly what you want to tell them, otherwise you will end up with a very long and boring video about stuff that nobody cares.

Producing a video has 3 main stages, the first one is the pre-production stage, this is where you and the producer develop the content, you decide the message, the length, the purpose, the producer will give you some options and after going back and forward you will end up with a great idea, then you will be presented with a storyboard and a script with detailed information about location, decoration, lighting, tone of voice, music, etc. The second stage is the actual shooting or production. This is the stage where you get your video done, this is hard work and I am not even going to explain more about it because it requires explanation about equipment, staff, make-up, locations, transportation and many other things. And the third stage is the post-production stage, this is where the video production team makes the video look amazing, sounds, music, corrections are done in this stage.

At twelve12 we have specialized equipment and professional teams to cover all your needs of video production in Orange County, so give us a call today to find out more about how to produce an amazing video for your company.

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