Marketing Tips for Adapting to 2020 in Business


If you are reading this article, you are probably frustrated with being bombarded with so much information about all the changes that you have to meet in your business. The world has changed; big consulting firms are telling the world how to behave, and opinions vary dramatically. This could make any seasoned CEO’s head spin, and without a real clue on what to do, I can only imagine how complicated the situation is for small companies and entrepreneurs that rely on other companies to operate and now are probably struggling.

Read on for some marketing tips to get you through these tough times.

Knowing how hard it can be to make changes that might affect you, our expert marketing team at Twelve12 has devised some key pointers that you may find helpful to keep your business up and running – these are tips that most top marketing firms in Orange County are keeping secret.

Every business should be looking into a few but very important aspects of their businesses right now, especially if they are struggling to keep up with their clients.

In this environment, you need to find what is going on, but not just in a general way – it must be specifically for your product or service.

To make this part easier to understand, let’s just say that you have a party planning business. People are reluctant to have a party that involves too many guests, so your “product”, as it is right now, will not be very helpful to bring money into your bank account.

Behavior is another consideration. Following the same example, and not being very keen on having parties – does this mean that people are not into parties anymore? Absolutely not! Most people love parties, but we also love being able to enjoy them. Right now our priority has to be trying to stay healthy through controlling our environment and reducing contact with other people so that it is at a minimum.

You need to find out how your customers are taking care of their need for social interaction. The simplest answer is saying “they do it online” – but are you sure of that? Videos on YouTube tell a different story.

Adaptability: you need to find out exactly what your capabilities, your resources, and your limitations are, and also what are your competitors doing.

There’s a concept called key partners, where you can design a completely different business model in collaboration with another company. Find out if your business can adapt or if it is time for you to consider a new product or service that could satisfy your customers’ needs better than you offer right now.

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