What is Your business?

As a follow up on past articles, we want to keep talking about the importance of understanding some important aspects of your company. At Twelve12, we approach every angle of your business, but before we present any strategy as a marketing agency in Orange County, we rise above common practices and find out exactly what your goals are and the best way to communicate them to your customers.

One of the most important things when you develop a marketing strategy or a marketing plan is to understand your business completely. You must be thinking that you already know and that this is a waste of your time; but before you move on, keep reading because while you might think you know that you sell beer, bicycles, cars or jeans, you may actually have no idea what type of business you are in.

Wait a minute! Did I just say that you don’t sell cars (or any other merchandise or service)? Yes, exactly that! Let me explain…

For example: Consumers are very complex right now, they don’t just buy a pair of jeans because they need pants; just as a pair of jeans has become a fashion statement, you can’t sell the same style of jeans to every market segment. If you try to sell skinny jeans to the baggy jeans segment, your company will fail so fast that it will make your head spin. So, you are not really in the business of selling jeans, you actually sell fashion and status.

Oh, now you see where I’m heading to with this article, right? And of course, you are right; your advertising can’t be just a poster showing a plain piece of clothing with a price on the side.  Look at famous brands and the way they do it – why do you think that they invest millions of dollars paying supermodels and the top creative geniuses for their advertising campaigns? As a marketing agency in Orange County, I can tell you that they sell the image, the whole package, “use this and you will look like she does and you will get a guy like that”.

So, think about it, do you really have the answer to the question of what business you are in? Do you know what moves your market segment? If you do, congratulations, you are ahead in this game! If you don’t, give us a call today and find out more about all the options that we have for you at Twelve12.

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