Communication: Marketing to Remain Open

With technology comes the customer’s empowerment. Every day it is getting harder and harder for companies to stay ahead; not paying attention to their clients, their needs, their thoughts, and not extending a communication channel towards them is a recipe for disaster. At Twelve12, we want to share with you some insight into commercial intelligence and how it can work for you and your Orange County marketing needs.

For the longest time, companies would tell people what they should buy, when to buy it, and where to buy it. Most companies even dared to tell customers which were the best designs, colors or styles, not really caring about how they felt about those choices. Then, the era of reaction came and the need for communication. The clients became more aware of their individuality (within the trendy limits) and people, especially the younger crowd, sought unique products that could represent their ideals and thoughts. The way of dealing with those changes for most companies was to react to those trends and try to keep up with what people were into at that moment.

But with the rise of technology and individualization, the reaction is no longer an option, and the most successful companies have entire departments looking for the next best idea that will become the new trend. Just think about cellphones: originally, they were developed so we could be reached at all times, but now, we would hardly buy a phone that only works as a phone. We now consider the need for having a computer with us at all times. To connect us anywhere in the world through a video conference is no longer a thing from the future; video, text and voice editing, endless apps, a great camera, and ways to communicate with the world, all packed in a nice thin and light device with lots of memory space, is something that we just expect when we buy a cellphone today.

Today, more than ever, we need the communication resources to find out what our potential customers are looking for, or what they would like to find in a product such as the one that we are offering. We all need ways to keep in touch and become a friend to our audience rather than simply a seller.

To find more about what Twelve12 can do for your Orange County marketing needs, give us a call today and we’ll find the perfect mix to get in touch with your target audience.


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