Social media marketing – be inspired by your competitors

Social media

Are you interested in venturing into social media networks but don’t know where to start? Well, a good place is to do an online with the term “social media marketing company near me“.  (You could also come straight to Twelve12  as our services cover anywhere you are located in the USA and internationally!)

You could also identify the most suitable social media networks for your line of business through a little research, and it is best to consider three groups of companies.

One of the groups should include companies that are slightly smaller or less successful than yours, the second group should include your direct competition, and finally, a group that includes businesses that are slightly larger and currently more successful than yours. The size of the sample does not have to be very large, however, the greater the number of companies that are included in each group, the faster the information will be acquired and you will be able to see patterns more clearly.

Check the social media networks they use. This information is usually located on the company website; however, you can also do a manual search for each company through each social media platform.

Once you identify the company’s social media networks, obtain data from each on the number of followers, the date they joined the network, the type of posts they publish, and how often they interact with their followers.

Create a matrix, either by company, product, or product line and consider the results numerically, graphically and analytically, including all the information that you could see during your research, such as the interaction with the human audience.

Finally, make a comparison – by this stage, you will have a very clear idea about the best option for your line of business, product or product line.

These are just a few observations on what you could use to find the most suitable social media platform options for your line of business. However, if you want to know more about how to carry out a good marketing campaign on social networks, choose the very best social media marketing company and give us a call today at Twelve12.

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