Internet Marketing – more than buying advertising online

Believe it or not, there are still many business owners who think that buying online advertising is a synonym of Internet marketing, and then they wonder why they can’t see any difference in their sales or aren’t receiving the number of visits to their website that they expected to. At Twelve12, we want to share with you some basic information about the meaning and fundamentals of Internet Marketing in Orange County or elsewhere.

Internet marketing includes not only traditional advertising but is also about strategies, techniques, and actions. This means performing not just advertising but also a carefully planned set of activities that will allow the promotion and effective communication of a brand, product, or service to increase sales.

Many conventional marketing elements combine in internet marketing, but due to the way people socialize and behave in the online world, we have to adapt a lot of the things we previously thought would never change. The online channels are also faster and they are constantly changing; it is based on trends and what we use now might not be relevant in the future.

You are probably thinking, how are you supposed to keep up with the changes? The first rule is communication, but not the way we used to do it. A few decades ago, we would still tell people about our product and present it in the best way possible and give some sort of customer service, but marketing was more about the product and how to make it more appealing to the clients than about having a relationship with them. Today, it is all about the customer, feelings, trends, options, and added value. It is imperative to provide a wide range of communication channels and establishing long-lasting ties with the customer through ideas, propositions, innovation and interaction. This way, our customers will tell us what we need to know, how they would like to know about the product or brand, and the best way to share with them news and content.

If you want to know more about Internet Marketing in Orange County and the different options that you could be using for your company, give us a call today, at twelve12 we’ll be happy to answer all your questions about internet marketing.

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