Internet Marketing – More Than Buying Advertising Online


Whenever we have a client here at Twelve12 headquarters that is not sure why there’s a need to hire an internet marketing specialist, I tried to explain the main differences between people online and people offline. It is not a different type of human, but the online persona behaves differently than they usually do. The other side is the market; while offline you know how and where to find customers, online you need to work a little harder to be seen, even if the client is looking for you. Our internet marketing team in Orange County has prepared a simple list of things that you should keep in mind.

  1. We are used to following certain rules when we meet people or when we visit a business, however, people online create a persona, whether this is completely different from their reality or just a side of their usual self. Customers become more daring, open and adventurous, but they can also be less patient, and more rude and demanding. You need to be prepared to engage and turn any situation into a long-lasting relationship.


  1. Purchase process. Offline, we go and compare one or two local options, and then we make a purchase. Online, people aren’t only comparing several options, they compare them with a plethora of suppliers and they ask around about your company and products. Online companies must work harder to achieve a good reputation and encourage happy customers to provide good reviews.


  1. Marketplace. This is a hard one; we have to compete with a million options and it can only be successfully achieved by using tools such as content marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, e-mail campaigns, SEO, SEM, etc. All of them take time to develop and maintain.


  1. Information. This point gets a high five for internet marketing! We can gather detailed information like never before, however, you still need to keep in mind that the online persona might not be the same as your offline customer and, if you take it too far, it might not be good for your business. So be careful whenever you decide to change anything based solely on the information that you gather online.

There you have it! If you want to know more about internet marketing, give us a call today. Twelve12’s internet marketing team in Orange County will be thrilled to answer all your questions and help you achieve your goals.

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