Content Marketing – The Gift That Keeps Giving!

content marketing

At Twelve12, we are constantly developing new ways of customer engagement and looking out for the latest trends for our Internet Marketing in Orange County clients and all around the world as well. Our own teams provide us with constant feedback on the topic and we keep a close eye on the mainstream sources of information and marketing development.

As it has been for the last few years, content marketing is still one of the most valuable tools for any company. Surprisingly, many reliable sources report that a huge percentage of their organic traffic comes from old blogs and posts. This information tells us that all your hard work on your website will keep on giving even after a few months or even longer.

Blogs and SEO efforts are really working for several companies.

The most logical explanation to this may be that people share relevant information, and sometimes people find the information so helpful that they even mark the website and visit often to keep reading from this same source and then look for something else online.

This hypothesis would actually support what we have said on other posts about the importance of the information that you chose to publish on your blog. If it is relevant, it will keep on bringing the right market segment to your website and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

As buyers, we tend to buy from the companies that we trust and who are interested in our needs. This includes those who are not only in the business of selling us whatever they can, but those who share information, interesting items, interactive tools, free apps and/or software, etc.

The bottom line is that you still need to work towards a very specific goal – your customer relationships. Keep in mind that a content marketing via a blog is not only a place where people look for information, it is also a way for you to find out which content is more appealing to your customers, ways to improve your services and products and also a great way to stay in touch with your market segment.

Don’t waste any more time – give us a call today to find out more. At Twelve12 we have what you need to make a success of your Internet Marketing in Orange County strategies.

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