Make it Sing: Pacific Chorale Rebrand Prepares Group for its 50th Anniversary

One of our most rewarding projects of the past few months has been our partnership with Costa Mesa’s Pacific Chorale. Long known as one of the top choral groups in the country, Pacific Chorale is currently enjoying their 50th anniversary season, and wanted to make it pop with a prestigious rebrand. Together, Twelve12 and Pacific Chorale worked to pay homage to the group’s well-established history, while also strengthening their image for the future.

New Logo & Visual Identity

Because the classical music tradition is rich in easily recognized symbols, we didn’t have to look far for inspiration. To add depth to the logo’s message, we crafted the initials of the group, “PC,” from symbols right off the music page, ultimately suggesting a treble clef. The logo has a fresh look, and yet, will be instantly recognized by music lovers everywhere.

Full Website Redo, Branded Collateral, and Anniversary Program

We applied the same care to expressing the new visual identity in a newly designed website which will provide a higher level of engagement to visitors. We worked together with the Pacific Chorale team to ensure that their same message came through in their collateral: peerless musicianship, respect for the choral tradition, and a passion for exposing the next generation to the greatest music.

We congratulate Pacific Chorale on 50 years of service to Southern California! We’re honored to be working with you, and are confident you’ll continue to provide world-class choral music for years to come.

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