Don’t Lose the Story

There are two types of video production that you can implement: the kind that improves and brings into focus the story that your brand is trying to convey, and the kind that covers up and distracts from that story. This is true for every single type of video, from keeping up a vlog, to storyboarding a brand video, to filming a Super Bowl commercial. Embrace the story.

Flashback to your family’s home movies: At some get-together, your dad pulls out a VHS of your trip to Maui to show off his camcorder work, and the whole family collectively rolls their eyes. Why is that? While the thought of your past hair decisions may be causing you to cringe, it’s likely that you’re thinking of all those untold minutes of footage dragging on without much of a point—or a story.

This isn’t to insult the camera work of your dad; he certainly tried. This is, however, a useful example of what to avoid like the plague with your brand’s projects: don’t make a video that has lost track of its story. We make a point of combatting this with our video production in Orange County. If you would too, that means you must combat this from the ground up, and your production methods can help—or hurt. Here’s how.

Don’t Forget About Sound

In so many ways, you can’t neglect sound. Sound effects, the everyday sounds that accompany the things we do, are too often neglected, and sacrificed, and steamrolled over by stock music. If you feel your brand video lacks depth, try varying the sound textures, and including some ambient, natural sounds. The sounds of scissors snipping, a spoon clanking in a bowl, even the beep of the copy machine, can dial viewers into the moment, and provide necessary context to what you’re trying to convey.

Story ≠ Linear

Telling your story doesn’t necessitate that you tell things in the most logical, linear order (your Dad’s VHS was in 100%, painstakingly linear order…). An interesting story has ups and downs, and a variety of tones and moods. Perhaps for a testimonials video, you excerpt one brilliant sentence that came from the end of the footage and lead off with that, and then circle back to the rest of the statement later in the video—the possibilities are endless. Do what it takes to ensure that your video doesn’t feel canned, and predictable. Remember the most important rule of storytelling: make it interesting.

Have a story

Arguably, the gravest sin one can commit in video is not including a story at all. From the most basic of social media videos to high-end brand videos—from a YouTube bumper ad all the way to a Super Bowl commercial—if you’re skimping on the story, not even the most inspired and expensive video production can save you. Where does that story come from? Answers vary, but we find that, when storyboarding a brand video, the most compelling results are firmly rooted in what you really are as a company: in short, it’s the brand. It may take time to figure out, but once you do, be sure that that brand story comes across in any video you produce.


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