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There’s so much information about branding out there, and it usually contains a lot of specialized terminology and basically you end up reading a book abstract that leaves you exactly in the same spot where you started – looking for information about how to do effective branding for your business.

At Twelve12, we have been developing different ways of doing effective branding in Orange County and one of the most powerful approaches that we have used over several years is to align the whole company with the branding efforts.

Branding is the first impression of a business; it will show your potential customer who you really are, your business practices, and it will develop a mental image of the quality of your product. And you know what they say, there’s only one chance to make a good first impression. It applies to a person and it also applies in the business world.

Look around you; think as a buyer; there are many brands out there, but a few have remained untouched over the years and they have something in common: they are praised by their loyal customers. You will probably find information that will tell you that the secret is to be flexible and to innovate, develop and evolve with the market, and this is probably true for many products, but as usual, the experts at Twelve12 have noticed that many brands have had serious setbacks when they have tried to change their products. Some products are not meant to change, as the customers like the way it is and they don’t want anything about it to change.

Think for a second about a brand of cereal or soda that you just love; can you imagine that suddenly the company decides to change completely the flavor or the type of products that they use to elaborate them? So, in these cases, the innovation is more about the package than the content and this way they can reach a broader audience.

As I was telling you, there’s no secret formula that you can follow, but the key is to understand your company and your target audience above all. Trying to sell insurance to a toddler will get you nowhere, but adjusting your strategies and connecting with the parents of the same toddler at an emotional level, triggering the need for the baby’s safety, and the parenting protection instincts will bring you a lot of sales for sure.

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