Branding: Piece of the Puzzle?

A Brand is not just a name for a product; a brand is something that, when well managed, leaves a lasting impression in the consumers’ minds. Even beyond the sole purpose of giving a product identity, it reflects many of the characteristics of the target market, their choices, and even their social behavior. A brand is so important for a company that at Twelve12, we want to share with you some information about branding in Orange County or anywhere in the world.

When a company undertakes branding, the goal is to transmit all the power of a company as a whole and influence products and services, all done through distinctive characteristics created for the sole purpose to help the product or service stand out from other similar offers.

Marketers or the people involved with the development of the brand should always have in mind that the name will be the first step in creating a relationship with the clients. As with many other things, human beings create mind maps where we establish categories and apply certain value to things depending on their usefulness to us and whether they are pleasing or not. For example, if we don’t particularly like a doctor, but we know that is the best doctor available, our mind map assigns a higher value even if it is not associated with a pleasant experience. In the case of ordinary products or services, the experiences that we have through acquiring them influence the mind map value. In other words, our products and services will be more valuable to our customers if we help them with some brand elements that make our product or service easier to identify.

To achieve a difference in our customers’ minds, they have to be convinced that there are significant differences between our products and other similar offers. Sometimes even just the packaging of the product, the price, or the way it is presented can make the difference. Think about it in terms of smartphones; several reviews point to the fact that an iPhone and a Samsung are so similar when it comes to performance and characteristics that it is a choice of the brand rather than anything else.  iPhone users, however, are fervored defenders of the brand and so too are the Samsung customers. They look down on each other’s brand. All because of branding.

As you can see, branding is not just a name or a characteristic, it is a whole strategy that may affect your business most amazingly. If you want to know more about how to develop your brand effectively, give us a call today. At Twelve12 we have your branding in Orange County covered.

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