12 Things You Need To Know About Good Branding Practices

Speaking about Orange County Branding, Twelve12 brings you12 Things you need to know about brands for good branding practices:

  1. Brand: the brand is what makes a product different from the other similar products that are on the market.
  2. Brand image: Everything that is involved with the brand and the way we want the audience to perceive it. The colors, the slogan, the presentation, the advertising, etc.
  3. Brand development: The world evolves, people evolve and brands should evolve too. What was appealing 10 years ago won’t work in today’s world. Brand development is the way that we help our brand to move forward to the next step.
  4. Brand strategies: We can’t do it all at the same time and we need to focus our efforts if we want to succeed, so you should develop brand strategies according to the goals that we are collaboratively pursuing.
  5. Brand implementation: Suddenly we have uniforms, stickers, boxes, bags – everything with our logo, as we are implementing our brand.
  6. Brand management: like a baby, we need to take care of our child, so we have to review, correct and control every aspect of the branding efforts to be able to satisfy our consumers.
  7. Brand awareness: When someone gets into the store and specifically asks for our brand, even if it is only by the colors or the logo, then suddenly the proverbial heavenly music begins to play, and we have achieved brand awareness.
  8. Brand engagement: We managed to turn an idea into a product, a recognizable brand; we implemented our brand and we achieved brand awareness, but when we are able to reach people’s hearts and provoke an attachment to our brand, we have what it’s called brand engagement.
  9. Brand Ambassador: A brand ambassador is a person that will speak and publicly represent our brand in a positive way; this person is usually a celebrity or an important figure of our community and will help us get more customers.
  10. Brand life cycle: Like all things, brands have a birth, a growth and then they decline, and sometimes they even die. Sometimes we have to put them to sleep, and other times they start a new cycle of growth.
  11. Brand revamp: When we don’t like the way things are going with our brand, we can try to give it an extreme make over and re-launchit into the market with an improved image.
  12. Brand collaboration: This is like a courtship between brands, like soap and washing machines or chips and soda – a good couple is sometimes better than going solo.

If you want to know more about Orange County Branding and good branding practices, give us a call today, at Twelve12 we have exactly what your brand needs.

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