Why a clever SEO strategy is crucial to your success

Let me make a statement here, “a clever SEO strategy is crucial to your success”. Yes, it is as simple as that. If you have a business with an online presence, you need an SEO strategy, and not just a strategy but a clever one also.

First things first: since you started surfing the web, you understood what a search engine was, but do you know what SEO stands for? SEO means Search Engine Optimization. And what is this exactly? SEO is the process of improving the position or ranking that your website has at the search results returned from any search engine.

The way the search engine providers work changes all the time; they have algorithms that browse through websites to perform a first evaluation of any website. If it comes back as poor content or useless content, then they will just drop it from the following stages.

Twelve12, an Orange County SEO Company, provides a series of clever SEO strategies for your website. SEO is only a part of what this internet marketing company in Orange County does. We have a very complete portfolio that can cover any digital marketing need that your business might have. When you think about starting up a website for your business, you need to be very careful about the strategy that you use. Once your website is ranked, it is very hard to move it to a better place if it is already catalogued as an irrelevant result.  Twelve12 is dedicated to Online Marketing in Orange County, and this means that we know what a good website should have, such as Design, E-commerce, mobile Apps and so much more.

It is relatively easy to understand what an SEO process involves, but it is hard work; for it to really work, it has to have original content, and if you have no experience with this, just try to write at least 5 articles a day about the same topic! You will find it gets more difficult each time to find ideas in order to deliver original content for a website on a daily or weekly basis.

The SEO cycle involves the site analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, recoding, sitemap and RSS feeds, search engine submission, social bookmarking, blogs, press releases, article submissions, link popularity and SERP reporting.  This is truly challenging work for just one person who is trying to build up a business, and it is even harder to do it correctly if you have no experience.

Being one of the most innovative marketing companies in Orange County, Twelve12 will work with you –  and deliver results and not just promises of SEO.

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