Branding: as important as any marketing strategy

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At Twelve12, we have talked several times about strategies that our Orange County branding team believes are the most common for companies, so you can use what fits best for your company. Now, I would like to get a little deeper into what a brand strategy looks like and how you can make it work for your own business.

If you haven´t done it yet, please go ahead and check out some of our past blogs about branding; we have covered a huge number of topics that may be interesting for you. When you are not familiar with marketing, it may seem to you that branding is the same thing, but it is not, though they are closely related.

A brand strategy tells more about your company than about a specific product. It tells the consumer what your brand stands for. It also makes a statement on what you can expect from the brand; sometimes this is very clear and sometimes it’s suggested with the help of images, sounds or some other form of communication. It helps your company to come alive.

Your brand brings personality to your business, the same way that you could define or describe a person that you know.

When we talk about marketing, we are trying to accomplish something specific, for example, to increase sales, show you a product, get your contact information, try to make you buy something, etc. As you can see, it may look the same, but the essence of the plan is completely different; one focuses on a goal and the other one is trying to approach you and get you to identify with their values and propositions.

You may be thinking, then what is the point of doing branding if you are not selling anything? Isn’t that the point of all companies? Yes and no; when you decide to develop your brand, you are also on your way to establishing meaningful relationships with customers or potential customers who can either buy from you or, even if they don’t buy anything from you, may decide to become active advocates simply because they like what you are proposing.  As a result, when people encounter one of your ads, they will probably be more comfortable exploring your offer and what you have to say, checking out your new products, and ultimately buying something from your company.

If you want to know more about how a branding strategy could help your company, give us a call today. At Twelve12 we’ll be delighted to help you develop your branding strategies with our Orange County branding team.

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