The Kitchen at Westwood

The Kitchen at Westwood was a great project – from name polling to store and apparel designs, we helped build this busy eatery into a fresh and attractive brand. After building their website, we did extensive online marketing, as well as local traditional marketing to boost awareness and popularity. After a great press release, The Kitchen was picked up by a popular local foodie and published in the local paper.

Innovative Cleaning Services

Innovative Cleaning Services in Orange County approached us with the need to increase their web presence. They had an out dated website that wasn’t representative of their company name at all. With full collaboration, we refreshed their brand image completely, from a new website, including all web content and messaging direction, to brand collateral, photography, and marketing strategies, ICS’s new image could now depict how innovate and great they truly are.

Miramontes Capital

Miramontes Capital approached us needing to rebrand and refresh. Starting with strategic industry research, we established the ideal brand package to help clearly distinguish Miramontes Capital from its competitors. Starting with a new logo, brand collateral and website, we went on to film a movie-like, award winning commercial for them, aired on local TV. We continue to strategize both traditional and online marketing practices for them, and have helped establish their social media presence.

Marble Bros

Our work with MarbleBros was extensive – starting with the fundamentals, like logo and brand identity creation, we moved on to create a very detailed product catalog involving custom photography for hundreds of stone products. The images we captured were beautiful and successfully represent the company for the elegance that it is, with a beautifully designed booklet as well as on their new website.


A manufacturer and retailer of hand-made and high-quality fine leather handbags, jewelry and accessories, Pomeus approached us with the need to develop the perfect brand image to match their goods. Starting with a new logo to set the direction, we took extensive photography of their products to design a stellar catalog and matching website. Once they were up and running, we also assited with online marketing, and blogging.

Golden State Wealth Management

Golden State Wealth Management are a family of financial advisors based in Northern California. They approached us initially for a new website, so that they could better communicate with potential advisors to join their team. We rebranded them with a fresh and strong logo more representative of who they are, and built their new brand image around this. We completed the project with a brand new website and fresh photos.