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Video Production

Twelve12 is proud to offer superior, professional video production services in Orange County. We offer not only the skills to create premium quality, Hollywood-level video productions, but also the expertise to know, understand, and convey what a successful video production requires, and how it will be of benefit to your business, ultimately with the aim of helping you reach your business goals.

Our Videos


TV Commercials

Create the ultimate TV commercial for your business with Twelve12. From prestigious tone-setters to informative or comic reels, we’ll present your brand to the world exactly like you want to be seen. Our full crew utilize some of the best and most advanced tools in the industry and will amaze viewers with visual graphics, custom soundtracks, and award winning scripts.


Branding Videos

Videos are a crucial way to give potential clients a window into who you really are. From intro videos to vlogs (or video blogs), and tutorials to testimonials, our award winning crew will make sure your brand is heard loud and clear. Beautiful videos are the quickest way to build value and provide validation.


Social Videos

A social video is a video that is crafted specifically for social media formats. Our award social media gurus will strategize the perfect campaign for your brand and optimize your look to suit a range of social media platforms. Whether it’s a YouTube Channel or Instagram post, yours’s might be the next video to go viral!


  • Story Telling
  • Company Showcase Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Training Presentations
  • Explainer Videos
  • Animation
  • Marketing Videos to Increase Sales
  • Videos for Lead Generation
  • Videos for Corporate Events
  • Infomercials
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Viral Videos
  • Video Testimonials

Video is becoming ever more important to the success of businesses, and it is predicted that even in the realm of SEO, video is going to become very popular in the coming years.

Twelve12’s premium quality, Hollywood standard video productions will help you to engage effectively with your clients. This will result in increased consumer brand awareness, increased traffic and rates of conversion for your website, and better link building.

Most business owners underutilize tools such as YouTube for their SEO; with a stand-out video, your business will also stand out and be seen. Ensuing brand awareness translates to sales.

Contact us at Twelve12 today to discuss your requirements for superior video production in Orange County, and to learn just how we can work with you to achieve your goals. With our expertise in web development, SEO, branding, and marketing, we are perfectly poised to offer a comprehensive corporate video production service.

We are friendly, professional, and our expert team will work collaboratively with you to create a superior video product in a timely manner and at very competitive prices.