Web Design

When it comes to design and the reflection of your business, product, and brand, your website is no different from any other medium. The same key elements are used – yet a website must be unique and engaging enough to stand out from the crowd. Look no further than Twelve12 for premium website design in Orange County.

Your website is literally your business’s best friend and hardest working employee. It is open for business every minute of every day, and every piece of information pertaining to your company, your product, and your brand is there to be found by people the world over. There is, however, stiff competition all over the internet – so you want your website to be something quite remarkable and memorable.


Website Development

Website Development refers not to the design of your website, but to the “behind-the-scenes” operation of your site. Some websites may look great on the surface, but contain errors in the background which negatively impact on user experience and ranking. Twelve12 creates and develops websites which not only look amazing, but deliver seamlessly at a superior level for usability, longevity, and power.



Designing a user-friendly e-commerce site is critical for your customers to easily purchase your products. With a solid backend allowing you flexibility, your e-commerce platform with twelve12 will be seamless.

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Web & Mobile Apps

With over 2 million apps on the market, your next great idea needs to really stand out to get any traction. We’ll help you with design and programming for a user- and download-friendly experience that will get attention.

Our Web Designs

Twelve12 works collaboratively with our clients to understand your business and what you wish to achieve, and to create a unique and eye-catching website which reflects your brand and your company mission. We are experts in our field and we can create your website from scratch, or revamp your existing website.

For the very best comprehensive services in website design in Orange County, call us today.