Get in front of your clients now

Strategy is critical to getting where you want to go. Together, we will look at your sales medium and help you develop a solid strategy for your company. With an experienced team of previous business owners, you’re in the right place at Twelve12.


We’re also doing the following:

  • Training and Development is necessary to ensure your strategy is actually followed. We will help train and develop your staff and be available 24/7 to make sure all the chips are in place and your sales staff have the proper resources for success.
  • Lead Generation is the hardest thing in sales, especially if you are after quality leads. Whether it be setting up online landing pages or direct mail campaigns, we will do whatever it takes to drive interest. The only thing you’ll need to do is tell us your budget!
  • Leadership Training is so important to keep current and ensure your managers and leaders are good at their jobs. Leaders need to be on top oftheir game and ready for their team with a vision always facing forward. We have a team of entrepreneurs that will listen, coach and work with you to become better on all levels.



So let’s chat, let us help you get more exposure and more clients!