People are truly beautiful to photograph, especially when the photo really captures character and personality. Unfortunately, not all photographers nor all cameras are capable of displaying the full range of human colors. That’s where Twleve12 and our award-winning photographers can help.

Modern building photo


Corporate photos must be fresh, expressive and energetic to portray your true character and that of your company. Our award winning photographers will capture you in your best and showcase you the way you want to be perceived.



Advertising photography has evolved a tremendous amount over the past decade, especially with the increase in photoshop use and digital effects. We believe taking a creative photo before applying digital effects is key to ensure the competitive edge in today’s world.


Product Photography

Product photography is critical to selling your product, especially in the online market where buyers make their decisions almost solely on the quality of the picture. While a great photo greatly increases your chances of a sale, a bad photo almost guarantees a no sale!

Our Photographs

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