Your brand identity is how others perceive your visual expression. Choosing and presenting your brand name with purpose is critical, as is your logo and tagline. We ensure that the message it’s communicating is the message that you intend. We also help build your brand culture, which must be unique to show what sets you apart from the rest, but needs also be consistent, with appropriate voice and tone to match your target audience.

Web Design & Development

Web design is the outer user interface, which when successful, must be user friendly, easy to navigate and intuitive to customers. Web development, on the other hand, is the more general term, usually referring to the back end, technical aspect of building websites, and is where effective programming and HTML is critical. When both the front and back end of your website is perfected for your brand, the user will easily navigate your site, find all the important content in all the right places, be engaged and satisfied, without feeling an information overload or frustration at broken links or slow uploads. At twelve12, we provide a seamless service in both areas of design and development.

And most importantly, we’re honest. We recognize that this is an area that the average person may not know much about, and for this reason, is often prone to wrong advice and ballooned rates. But not with us; we’re serious about honesty and will talk you through exactly all you want to know. Whether ecommerce or informational, whether you need a mobile app or plain website only, we’ll provide you with options that best match your brand and company needs.

Web Marketing

By 2016, more than half of the dollars spent in US retail will be influenced by the web (Forrester Research). This is an incredible statistic that really depicts the changing nature of our buying and selling. Our advertising and marketing is also necessarily changing in suit. And it’s never to late to get started. If you don’t have an online presence as yet, we can help you take those first steps. Online but not very effective? We can help you yet again. By successfully using online strategies, including SEO, blogs, adwords and especially social media, twelve12 will get you online and on course.

But be warned about social media; it’s a tricky world in there and simply pinning or tweeting does not ensure success. In fact, according to Track Social, when a brand posts twice a day, it will receive almost 50% less attention than when it posts only once, and barely 0.5% of Facebook users actually engage with the brands they are fans of (marketing Science). These stats are eye openers as to the importance of quality and quantity when it comes to social media presence. Through effective market research and strategic planning, we aim for the perfect balance to suit your company and customers.

Traditional Marketing

Although it may seem like the internet has taken over all forms of marketing, rest assured that traditional marketing is still alive and well. Traditional marketing should not be overlooked, particularly when local markets are your target or you are establishing your brand within a community. Based on sound market research and SWOT analysis, we help you identify the best means of advertising for your brand and product, and implement most effective means of delivery for your target audience. From strategically placed adds in local papers to massive billboards on crowded streets, incentive programs to tradeshows, we will help you to attract new customers and keep them!

Public Relations

Everything you do or say is public relations. But the best PR is when its done by your happy customers to others. Word of mouth is so critical, it is the number one most effective method of advertising, and the cheapest too! But to get to a point where everyone is happily talking about you, you need to have the right PR. The right PR is so creative and original that it reflects your brand and company the way you always envisioned it. It exudes what sets you apart from the rest, and in this way, you grab attention!

Whether you have a new product to launch or just want your voice to be heard, we’re here to help. From press releases to print media, community outreach events to national television, we can create the impact you need to propel your product from a small start up to a well-known sensation!

Media Production

Studies show that video advertising is often more attention grabbing than static adds, plus generates higher recall, and in the online environment, higher click rates too. And you don’t need to be a behavioral psychologist to understand why!

At twelve12, we help you create and shoot videography to suit your needs, including commercials, informative videos, and product demonstrations, for both online and TV mediums. Assisting with both pre and post production details, we make this complicated and multifaceted job as simple as it looks in the movies!

Apart from real person videography, we also have great animators that design 2D or 3D animations for your brand and company. Animations are great because they’re not only fun and eye catching, but usually the process is much quicker and cheaper than filming real people.


Photography is one of our passions at twelve12, and we work with award winners. We take people photography to reflect their position and brand culture. Powerful, creative, visionary, down to earth…how ever it is that you want to reflect yourself to your audience, that’s the photos we take.

Product photography is also critical. Your team and brand might be great, but if your product is presented with the wrong photography, you won’t be getting the sales you want. It is vital to have attractive and creative photos that are in line with your brand identity.

Our in-house photographers will be happy to assist with all jobs big to small; from team or event photographs to revamping your brand image, we have you covered.


The sales sector is truly a world of its own, a complex and sometimes tricky system that requires correct training and tools for those who wish to conquer it. At twelve12, you’re in capable hands – we flourish in sales and can help you help your company by developing training guidelines that match your industry and needs, or we can help your staff directly with team or one-on-one training and coaching. We can guide you and your sales team to utilize effective sales strategies and can even role play with you, make calls or visits with you to ensure you’re confident with every step of the process.

After we share with you the tools of successful selling, we can also show you how to track and continue the process to ensure your sales continue. From lead generation to promotional items, we help you to grow and maintain your revenue.

At the end of the day, sales is a numbers game. And the most important thing is to convert the percentage of prospective buyers to actual customers loyal to you and your brand.