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Whatever your industry or the nature of your business, a superior marketing strategy is essential for maximising your visibility to potential new clients and customers. Getting seen, both online and offline, by the right audience at the right time, is the key to your success and top marketing firms in Orange County like Twelve12 are committed to your success. As a leader in Orange County marketing, we understand how imperative it is for any successful, comprehensive marketing campaign to incorporate elements of online marketing, so our traditional marketing approach includes those digital aspects that will raise your profile like never before. If you want to pop far and away beyond your competitors, partnering with our Orange County marketing agency is the way to go.



From print collateral to TV and radio, we’ll develop your advertising campaign, beginning to end. Ensuring you receive the very best value and highest level of advertising exposure for your money, we’ll open up new avenues of potential for your business.


Campaign Development

Taking into account the complete picture is critical to creating a marketing campaign in which all of the individual projects and pieces are in sync with each other. Our multi-touch approach combines both traditional and online elements for the ultimate campaign.

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis refers to the structured planning and evaluation method of assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats pertaining to a business project or venture. It is the first step towards the achievement of perfection for your brand. Improvement is reliant on clear and open exploration and recognition of weaknesses – by understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a business and as a brand, you are better placed to create and seize opportunities to succeed.

Our Portfolio

Proud to be among the top marketing companies in Orange County, Twelve12 is a professional team of technologically savvy, talented, creative entrepreneurs whose expertise and passion for digital and online marketing is unrivalled.  We do it all – from logos to website design; branding and visual identity to video production; SEO to content creation; social media and internet marketing to public relations; and traditional print, TV, and radio to photography and software development. We have the tools and techniques to not only transform your company to bring your vision for it to fruition, but we also have the experience to understand your goals and your niche and to provide effective solutions. Our clever marketing strategies will put you on the road to success. As a top marketing agency in Orange County, we offer a flexible, collaborative approach and we will work with you to achieve success on your behalf.