Twelve12 Named as One of the Most Reviewed Web Design Companies in Los Angeles

Here at Twelve12, we value delivering impressive results to our clients. We go beyond the power of branding to provide your business with the traction that it deserves. As such, we utilize modern solutions to help you achieve desired outcomes fast and efficiently. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce that we’ve been recognized among the leading designers in LA by The Manifest, a company listing platform. According to them, we’re one of the most reviewed web design companies this year!


Getting Down to Business

The guys at Green Flag, Gareth Ashworth and Nick Cruickshank, are on a mission. Both are dedicated to rope access, which they see as the preferred, and sometimes the only, way to safely inspect and repair industrial work sites. Green Flag was founded to take this vision of safety forward.


Bringing Empowerment

Trish isn’t the stylist of the rich and famous—she’s there to bring empowerment to real women. What initially drew us to her as a client was her background. Rooted in counseling and psychology, Trish doesn’t simply push products down people’s throats. She puts high value on the experience, the self-confidence, and the many benefits that are implicit in personal styling.


Junk Food: Cutting through the Trash with High-Quality Content

Everybody loves Potato Chips, and it’s true that eating just one is really hard. The same goes with all the junk content that many sites produce. When you’d rather offer a well-balanced three course meal, how can you make the content writing for your website stand out?

Quality. Engage. Transparent. Monetize. Skyrocket.

These defenseless words have been targeted as some of the most overused words in blogging.


Videos, Branding, New Website For Kata

Smart Phone maker Kata shows off its new philosophy with fun new video content, and an elegant new website to boot. We’re happy to have completed a collection of work for Kata Digital, an established mobile phone company who is focusing its energies on breaking into the North American markets. We ended up having a…


Logo Design

Logo Design is one of those things that just needs to be done right! You can do everything else, and do it well. But if your logo is off then it’s just uphill from there. Your logo needs to be representative of who you are and who/how you want to be perceived by your audience.…