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How should small business owners face the next phase of COVID-19?

Covid-19 as made it a very interesting moment for business owners. We are slowly making our way out of the forced changes to how we live, and now that it seems that we might go back to some sort of normalcy. We do face the dilemma of what to maintain from the changes that we had to make within our businesses – and which options should go back to the drawer. Our Orange County Marketing company has been developing different plans for different scenarios for many businesses, and at Twelve12 we want to share some of our strategies.


What marketing trends to expect in 2022

We have been experiencing very tough times as business owners since the end of 2019 and, since the beginning of 2020, a lot of companies have had to close their doors. However, with recent scientific developments, we have been able to reach a point where we are beginning to see a less restrictive way of doing business. Still, the lingering effects of 2020 affect the way we communicate with our customers, the way that we conduct our business, and also the amount of money that we have for our marketing efforts. Twelve12 want to share with you some important marketing trends insights we think are coming.