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How to bring more customers into your business

There are few businesses which have not struggled through the last year to keep their customers and stay open. Many have had to close, and some others are barely hanging in there. At Twelve12, we want to talk to you about some ways that you can begin to draw more people back to your company. If you think you need some help, we can assist and demonstrate how top marketing firms in Orange County can help your business stay alive and recover.

Marketing Segements

Marketing Tips – Reach the right audience with Marketing segments.

Marketing segments are more than just an approach which marketers use.

Every customer develops a need for a product and, as companies, we develop a product that serves best a group of customers. That is why you can choose among, for example, hundreds of shampoos that have specific features such as natural ingredients or that work for a specific problem. If the only reason to exist was to clean your hair, there wouldn’t be so many options!

It’s Time – Developing an effective internet marketing strategy

Even though the internet has been around for a few decades, many companies refused to use it to their advantage. As a side effect of the health crisis, many businesses have needed to turn their heads and take a leap of faith, towards a technology that they didn’t understand, in hopes of keeping their companies running. At Twelve12, we want to talk to you about the importance of internet marketing strategy in Orange County and globally.