Geo marketing

Geomarketing – and how you can use it for your company.

What is geomarketing?

I am sure that you have noticed that every time that you do an online search you get information about businesses that are close to your whereabouts. This is not a coincidence – but the companies are not “spying” on you! Well, maybe a little bit, but it is just information that is accessed through third parties such as Google that collect data from your phone after you agree to it. They then use it so they can improve the results of your searches.

Communication: Marketing to Remain Open

With technology comes the customer’s empowerment. Every day it is getting harder and harder for companies to stay ahead; not paying attention to their clients, their needs, their thoughts, and not extending a communication channel towards them is a recipe for disaster. At Twelve12, we want to share with you some insight into commercial intelligence and how it can work for you and your Orange County marketing needs.