Which Marketing Agency is the Best Fit for You?

Have you experienced any of these issues when it comes to marketing your business?

“I spent a good amount of money on my website and a logo, but I haven’t seen any tangible results so far.”

“Online business is not a good option.”

“I tried doing business online and I ended up with less money than before.”

These are just a few of many online comments that we have encountered over the years on several other websites and forums. The question is “is it true what they say?” or have they just not found the right marketing agency?


Make it easier for your customers through your branding strategies

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any type of business. It is the way that you, as a company, will be able to stand out from the competition.  At Twelve12 we are always looking for interesting topics to share with you about Orange County branding strategies.

A brand is not just a visual element, it is usually associated with a logo or a color, maybe even a song or a mascot. However, it is more than that. Well-known brands are usually recognized through those elements because they became so famous or important for you that your brain makes the connection between the brand and these elements.

Video Content

Video content – a powerful tool for business

Are you harnessing video production? A great way to put your company on the online map is to deliver relevant and interesting content to your customers. There are many ways to achieve this. For example, you can have an online blog about topics that relate to your type of business, or you can write a guide or a book which would attract more potential buyers. You can link your content to other companies or products – plus there are several other options, including video content. Today, at Twelve12, our video production team in Orange County wants to share with you some interesting facts about video content.