What you need to know about online marketing strategies

Marketing strategies for your online business is not the same as undertaking traditional marketing. In a way, it still has the same components, but it is somewhat different. Since you are not just competing locally, you are usually marketing at a national level and sometimes even globally. But it doesn’t end there; the customer segment is not going to be the same as for a bricks and mortar business alone, and you will not be able to reach consumers in the same way that you are used to doing.

Digital marketing

SEO Marketing Strategies to Position Your Business

Google is still one of the most popular search engines worldwide. Several research companies estimate that it has more than a billion visitors each month. That is a huge number of people that you wouldn´t be able to reach through a regular physical location. This doesn’t mean that those more than a billion and a half people are interested in whatever product or service you have to offer – but let’s face it, people are relying on search engines more than ever to find any sort of product or service.  And this is where companies look into SEO & digital marketing in Orange County to increase organic traffic to their sites.

Marketing your business

Marketing your Business: it’s time to step up and go online

Have you been stalling to take your business marketing online for a long time, and now you are feeling the pressure? At Twelve12, we are trying to help all of our clients to get ready and to make their online business happen. We understand that it can be a scary time for you, especially if you are not sure about where to start, and this is why we’ve put together this small guide to Marketing you Business.