Marketing Tips for Adapting to 2020 in Business

If you are reading this article, you are probably frustrated with being bombarded with so much information about all the changes that you have to meet in your business. The world has changed; big consulting firms are telling the world how to behave, and opinions vary dramatically. This could make any seasoned CEO’s head spin, and without a real clue on what to do, I can only imagine how complicated the situation is for small companies and entrepreneurs that rely on other companies to operate and now are probably struggling.

Read on for some marketing tips to get you through these tough times.

Marketing and Branding – How Buyers Have Changed During COVID-19

Buyer behavior has changed dramatically in recent months, and marketing and branding must meet the challenges of these changes.

Most people have been forced to change their shopping habits as a result of the recommendations that most countries have issued to their citizens to try to minimize the number of infections. At Twelve12, we want to share with you some data that may be of great importance for your decisions regarding Orange County marketing strategies.

video content

Video Content – communicate with your customers

The number of internet users that spend time watching videos is overwhelming. It is suggested by some publications that numbers are over  70%. With so many apps, it is very easy to share rich video content in just a few minutes.  Under this light, it is very complicated to understand why some companies are still not producing video content as part of their regular social marketing or internet marketing strategies.