Branding is more than just a pretty logo.

Companies with successful branding have many things in common, but there are a few things that we can always point out about them. At Twelve12, we understand how important is for you to have a successful brand and we want to help you with some pointers from our branding team in Orange County.

All over the world, we see brands: everything has a brand, even generic brands have a brand and a branding strategy. So, what makes a brand successful?

online marketing

Online Marketing Terminology

Do you understand online marketing terminology? Part of understanding how to use online marketing in your favor is to understand the terminology. Some of it comes right from any traditional marketing book, some of it was transformed into different words, but it is the same as what you can find in any good marketing book and some of it only belongs to the online world. At Twelve12, we reviewed the most relevant Online Marketing companies in Orange County and collated some of the most common terms that you might not understand, but that you should know.

digital marketing

It’s Time to go Pro on your Digital Marketing Strategy!

Is your digital marketing strategy professional?

At Twelve12, we want to help you through these difficult times.  We consider you not just another client, but also a friend – what are friends for if not to help each other in times of need?

You may have realized by now the importance of having an online presence, and we know it can be confusing, particularly for marketing goals and budgets, which is why we would like to talk to you about digital marketing in Orange County.