Business Opportunity

Crisis = New Business Opportunity?

For many, the idea of having their own business has been there for a while, but they haven’t got the time or the drive to make it happen. This is also a time of so many changes; a lot of people have lost their jobs – or at least will be out of a job for the next few months. All hopes are hanging from a very thin thread of promises about going back to normal in a few weeks, but no one knows for sure. At Twelve12, we want to help you achieve your goals and your Business Opportunity a reality. The best way that you can do it right now is through digital marketing in Orange County.

Marketing Ideas During an Economic Crisis

The world is presenting us with a new configuration and the way we used to do things has been taken from us so fast, we haven’t even been able to process what is going on. We have seen many companies close their doors to the public, unable to keep the people who work with them. You may feel that you may end up closing yours forever too, so what Marketing ideas can help?

Keeping Business Open and Help Your Community During COVID-19

All over the world, people have been experiencing the devastating effects of the pandemic that is affecting health and economies everywhere. This is not a time to sit and wait to see what happens to your business; you should take control and start developing a crisis plan to face the new set of obstacles. This is not only about personal gain anymore; this will also have an impact on everyone else around you, and if you can manage to help someone you know, please do so.

The Importance of Understanding Your Market Segment.

Every day we see how great business ideas suddenly close their doors and wonder what they could have done wrong or if they could have done something to prevent it. At Twelve12, we know that some people do not understand why their businesses are not obtaining the results that they had projected and, in an attempt to improve the situation, they turn to an Orange County Marketing agency to try to attract a greater number of buyers.