Which marketing strategy will work for your business?

Which marketing strategy is right for your business? If we review the most successful brands and products on the market, we will find that their marketing is associated with the customer 100% of the time. Of course, there are multiple examples of products that became a success and that were not precisely developed thinking about customer needs, but these examples are mostly consistent with a transient trend where the entire company tends to disappear or simply not have another equally famous product for the rest of its existence. But as a general rule, the success of products and services is closely linked to the customer experience rather than to the creation of the product.

Why You Should Not Do Your Own Marketing

Should you do your own marketing? Many people share the idea that marketing only includes two tasks: advertise and sell. Moreover, in many ways, a lot of entrepreneurs believe that the marketing department spends a lot of time making pretty ads at the most expensive cost, and spending a lot of company resources. Inquiring of a majority of CEO’s, the most likely answer is that marketing plays a major role in any company, but most of them fail to define such importance beyond sales and profit.

Your Website’s Statistics

The analytics of a business and your website’s statistics provide a lot of useful information for the entrepreneur, but if you are not familiar with the options and the scope, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and simply ignore them. At Twelve12, we are constantly looking for ways to help our customers with their Internet Marketing needs, in Orange County or anywhere else in the world.