Holiday Season Marketing Strategies

Christmas is here, and if you haven’t taken advantage of the shopping frenzy, you have no time to waste. At Twelve12, we embrace this holiday with open arms, lots of joy and memorable moments with friends and family, but let’s get real – we are talking business and money making! There’s no better time of the year to improve your sales with good Holiday Season Marketing Strategies. If you do business online, it is even better, because we all want to get those Christmas presents without the fuss of going out into the chaos of Christmas shopping. For those who are not quite ready to do it themselves, you can contact our digital marketing experts in Orange County to help you out.

Beware of DIY Marketing, Why You Need a Professional Marketing Plan.

A few days ago, I was talking to someone that is having trouble with his business. I have known this person for years and he owns a small company that is related to the advertising industry. He sells raw material for other companies.

Over the years I’ve been trying to explain to him the importance of having a professional marketing plan, but unfortunately, he has dismissed all my efforts.

Why Some Products Are Impossible To Resist

Today, I want to talk to you about how any marketing team, just like the Orange County marketing team, develops products and strategies to attract customers. Do you remember when was the last time that you bought something and couldn’t stop using it? How good you felt when you first got it? Think about a new car: the sound of a powerful engine or the lack of sound when you tried a hybrid for the first time. Remember how the interiors felt in your hands, the way you felt when you saw that car, the colours, the design, and what most of us love, the distinctive smell of a new car. It is like listening to a masterpiece for the first time, it can’t get better than that.