Best Internet Marketing strategies for your Small Business

It seems that you must be living under a rock, in the middle of the desert if you are not familiar with the internet by now. Pretty much everyone is online now: kids use it to play with friends and for their school, teachers and other professionals use it for personal and business reasons, and even seniors, who were very much against the use of technology, have found new ways of interacting with family and friends from the comfort of their living rooms. Some of them are even offering knitting classes and selling stuff online! It is an amazing time for everyone.

The Branding Process Decoded

We hear about the importance of branding all the time, and we try to do our best to keep up and do what we believe branding is all about: design a nice logo, develop our image, and ask our friends and relatives their opinion about our choices. This is not a bad thing, but there´s more to branding than just a logo or a catchy phrase, and at Twelve12, we want to share some information about the branding process with you and answer any questions that you may have about Orange County branding.

The Brand: How Can New Customers Know You?

We’ve all been there—it’s late, you’re driving in an unfamiliar neighborhood, and you’re hungry for a burrito. As you drive down a main thoroughfare, you’re confronted with the choice between the knowns: Del Taco, Rubio’s, or whatever other chain dominates the area, and the unknowns: the various Mexican places that dot the strip malls, with names like “Taco Pronto,” “Taqueria Vallarta,” and so on. What place do you go for? If you’re feeling adventurous, and if the sign still has most of its neon working, you may go for one of these wild card options. The truth is, though, that most people will naturally gravitate to the chains.