The Power of Audiovisual Content.

Audiovisual content is more than 30% likely to be watched and shared by your target audience

The internet is an amazing tool, and almost everyone in the developed world has access to it. We are more connected than ever throughout the globe. Even the most remote places in the world have access if they choose to, through satellite services. And with some creativity, we can do whatever we want at any time and reach multiple places. Just think about the way Arnel Pineda, current lead singer for the famous band Journey, became a star: he posted his videos on YouTube and was contacted by the band. This is just an example of the power of this technology.

How To Do Online Advertising Effectively

As users, we are in the middle of an online advertising war; you thought it was bad when you couldn’t control your TV content? That was a child’s play compared to online advertising, where even your neighbor is drowning you with constant Facebook posts of his/her latest home business. We can only sigh and block their posts, download ad blockers and do whatever we can to keep our privacy as much as we can and to avoid unwanted online advertising.

Has Your Brand Become Boring? How To Make It Captivating Again

It happens to the best of us: we did all the hard work, we turned a business idea into a great business, we have a great brand and then one day, our customers decide that they want something different, something exciting, something … not boring. This is the moment where many business owners scratch their heads, pull their hair and wonder what happened. As a Branding Agency in Los Angeles, we have seen this story many times. But not to worry, at Twelve12 we want to share with you some insight about what you may be doing wrong.