Bringing Empowerment

Trish isn’t the stylist of the rich and famous—she’s there to bring empowerment to real women. What initially drew us to her as a client was her background. Rooted in counseling and psychology, Trish doesn’t simply push products down people’s throats. She puts high value on the experience, the self-confidence, and the many benefits that are implicit in personal styling.

Tech, Talent, and Team: The Trinity for Effective Creativity

What’s your secret sauce? Whether you’re making websites, rallying a sales team, or really any other sphere where work and ideas matter, striking a balance between the different creative fires of your team is where magic comes from. It’s key to think on what your team and your processes look like, what are the unique skills that your people bring to the table, and how technology is can lighten the load and enable the team to do more. Value Talent without tech and your team can spin its gears unnecessarily; elevating tech over talent, and the purpose behind what you do can be neglected. As a marketing agency in Orange County, this can’t be truer for us; still, any and every team needs to strike this balance in some way to achieve their highest potential.

Social listening

Talking about online marketing in previous posts, we have mentioned that marketing rules are a bit different when we are developing a marketing plan specifically designed for the online world. Some of the things that we have covered at Twelve12  are the fast pace, the way we approach to our customers, ways to improve our conversion rate, etc.