The Case of Long Blockchain Corp

When a Rebrand Isn’t a Rebrand at All The recent decision by Long Island Iced Tea Corp to change its name to Long Blockchain Corp is a rare example of a company’s rebrand making national news. It’s also a rather odd chapter from the branding playbook. Anyone wondering why need look no further than the…

The Importance of Brand Recognition.

We have discussed in previous entries what a brand means, so if you are not familiar with the concept, it would be great to check out some of the other blogs we have posted on the topic to get familiarized with it. To highlight some of the aspects, we can say that a brand is like a vessel, like a container. It is not only a product, it is a promise and value, the company that delivers this product also shares part of the whole system that makes the product possible.

Thirsty for Engagement: Why Long-Form Content Works

Stop-motion animation about magic flying tacos? A Pixar-caliber animation about love, beans, and what matters most? What’s happening to YouTube ads? A recent AdWeek article detailed a fun trend of companies rolling out longer animated features for their ad campaigns. In the hectic, cluttered world of social media, these attention-getting spots are, above all, reminding…

Customer’s Relationships

Do you remember the “magic” word that your parents demanded from you all the time? Well, that is the way to go with marketing nowadays. Yes, you don’t have to check the title, we are still talking about digital marketing and I am talking about the word “Please”. Online marketing in Orange County experts tells us that forcing an unwanted ad into a segment is useless, so today we need to ask permission and say please to all those online communities in order to deliver our message. That is if you still want to stay in the game. At Twelve12, we want to share with you some thoughts about this and how it applies to customer relationships.