Brand Concepts

From all the marketing concepts, the brand concepts is one of the most obvious, but also one of the hardest to explain and understand. As a branding Agency in Los Angeles, we get a lot of questions about brands from our clients. Is it a name? Is it a color? Is it a logo? It is in fact a combination of many things but, at Twelve12, we like to make clear to our customers that there is a distinction between a corporate brand and a product brand because the results that you get from branding a product or a company are very different.

Understanding Your Business Environment

Knowledge is power: we all have heard this before. If you don’t know your business, your customers, or your competitors, your strategies will be ineffective and if for some unknown reason they work, it will probably be a coincidence. At Twelve12, we want to help you go through the whole process of understanding your internal and external business environment and guide you as your Marketing Agency in Orange County until you achieve exactly the results that you are seeking.