What do we mean when we say “Brand”?

What exactly do we mean when we talk about a brand? Whenever we refer to a brand, the meaning that we give it depends on the context of the conversation. We cannot just think about a definition and encase all the possible denotations. This is probably why so many people that don’t belong to the marketing world struggle to understand the meaning of the word “brand”. Let Twelve12, a top branding agency in Los Angeles, throw some light into brand understanding…

Good Vs Bad Marketing Companies

What do you look for when you decide to promote your company online? You may be looking to increase your brand awareness, maybe to dip your toes into the online environment and see how it works for your small business, or you may also be looking to increase your customer’s database. Ultimately you are looking to sell more. Nobody has ever come to us looking for a strategy to reduce their sales.

Avoiding the Summer Effect

Summer vacations are when we relax, enjoy the nice weather, and maybe take our mind off work for a bit. It’s healthy—even necessary for people to go through seasons of greater and lesser productivity. But if you’re using similar logic when thinking about the amount of effort you’re putting into your business, you may be entering into a dangerous season. As an Orange County marketing agency that often helps companies with short- and long-term strategic planning, we look at how to ensure that the summer effect doesn’t take the wind out of your sails.

Three Basic Logo Types & What They Tell People

Logos are the centerpiece of your brand identity. Looking out over the vast and varied landscape of logos, it seems almost impossible to navigate the endless options out there toward the one that will express your company best. This is why many people don’t think twice about going to a branding agency in Orange County…

Identify Your Type of Brand?

Not that long ago someone asked me what type of brand “they” (meaning his company) should develop; this question took me by surprise because I had no idea what this person meant. I asked him what did he mean by the type of brand, and he proceeded to give me a list of brand “types” that he had read about on a blog.