Designing Something? Seek Simplicity & Distrust it

Philosopher and Mathematician Alfred North Whitehead said, “Seek simplicity and distrust it.” While a concise and even beautiful distillation of his life’s philosophy, it would also be tough to think of a better battle cry for those who work in the ever-mercurial world of design. Your app development strategy may benefit from an approach of simplicity—and skepticism.

Is My Local Business Doomed to Disappear?

There’s a concern among small local business owners. They keep looking around their neighborhoods and they notice that a lot of stores that have been around for years are disappearing all of a sudden.

At Twelve12, we have seen a lot of concerned faces coming through our doors, and one of the main questions when they come to us looking for Orange County branding services is to keep their stores up and running.

Do Trees Belong in the Ocean?

Plant life shows possibly the clearest examples of adaptation. Based on where a tree or plant needs to live, you’ll be able to instantly see ways in which it’s grown to succeed with what it’s given. To get informed for your rebranding strategy, take a look at your surroundings—and maybe keep the tree planted right where it is.

If your business is concerned with branding in Orange County, it can be a noisy, distracting environment. With all those distractions, making your brand and your “environment” match up can be a real task. Putting your effort here is the key to a successful rebranding strategy.

5 Reasons Why You Should Look Into Video Marketing

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a constant rise in video sharing: being able to watch a video about an interesting topic, funny compilations of silly footage, videos of international relevance, and even smart advertising. Today, we watch them every day, and most people would rather watch a video than read an article with pictures. Video has become such a powerful tool, that it might have affected political outcomes all over the world. You don’t have to be a professional to edit a video, but it sure can change the desired outcome, hiring an expert video production team from Orange County for your video marketing is not the same as asking your cousin to do it.

Rebranding: is it Time?

Faced with underwhelming sales, lack of company culture, or even aspirations of growing to the next level, brands are faced with a single, burning question: to rebrand or not to rebrand? When navigating the question, a branding strategy that keeps your message intact is key.

Branding a Company Vs Branding a Brand

What is branding anyway? Is branding a company the same as branding a brand? Are you confused with branding? Should you brand your company?

So many questions without an easy answer! To throw some light into this mess, let’s begin with a brand definition: a brand is a mark or a name unique and created specifically to make a distinction on something.