Junk Food: Cutting through the Trash with High-Quality Content

Everybody loves Potato Chips, and it’s true that eating just one is really hard. The same goes with all the junk content that many sites produce. When you’d rather offer a well-balanced three course meal, how can you make the content writing for your website stand out?

Quality. Engage. Transparent. Monetize. Skyrocket.

These defenseless words have been targeted as some of the most overused words in blogging.

The Life Blood of Your E-Commerce Website

When your business model relies heavily on e-commerce, you can do nothing more important than developing a high-quality portfolio of product photography—it’s the face of your business.

This history of the internet is a history of the interface—of people’s connection with it. Phones technology is comparatively simple—there’s either a clear connection to talk with or not. With the internet, however, there’s a lot that can potentially get in the way, and nothing shows this more clearly than the progress of the interface.

Why Don’t Ants Screw Up? Branding & Being Yourself.

So much of nature, ants included, relies solely on inner identity—on genes—to explain how to grow and what to do—there isn’t an alternative. Humans often put a lot of wasted effort into being “themselves,” only to find that they’ve become anything but. Make sure you’re creating a brand that is YOU.


What if Cheerios started offering a ride share service?

What if Apple started offering organic produce delivery?

What if Tylenol hosted a black metal music festival in Iceland?