Online Marketing Engagement

Online Marketing Engagement may be harder than it sounds. The latest Neuromarketing studies show us that client loyalty can be easily changed. This is information supported by this relatively new scientific branch of marketing. We have seen this happen for some time now and we just couldn’t explain it based on previous marketing theories. What marketing specialists have discovered is that the most basic part of our brain is the one responsible for our urges and desires, therefore, we usually follow our “instinct” when we have to make a purchase decision. And this information is highly valuable for any business.

Successful Branding

Your brand is the way that you stand out from other products and services within the same market segment, and branding is a combination of factors that create a perceived value in your customer’s mind. Branding is not just for big companies, small businesses should be able to stand out if they have what it takes for successful branding.

Effective Advertising Plans

Are you one of those companies that believe that ad saturation is still the best way to go?

Maybe you are not aware of this, but some studies have shown that most potential customers get so annoyed by this form of advertising, that they not only stop paying attention to your ads, but they even avoid buying from your company as payback, even if they were interested in your product to begin with.

The Shape of the Brand: Logos and Their Influence

What are you expressing with your logo’s shape? The answer is: something! Even if you haven’t put thought into the shapes of your brand’s logo, it’s likely that your customers have on a conscious or subconscious level.

What’s the difference between a circle and a square? How does a zig-zag make you feel, compared to a wavy line? Whether you realize it or not, your mind tunes into shapes in a highly-sophisticated way—it actually approaches the sophistication of language, and may hearken back to the very first humans who decided to communicate an idea by drawing a shape.

Business Marketing Revamp

Is it time for your company to make a change and step into the future? Are you constantly struggling to maintain a healthy cash flow? Your loyal customers are not that loyal anymore? Are your sales declining? Is it getting harder for you to attract new clients? If your answer to one or more of these questions is a definitive “yes”, then it is time for a business revamp. The best way to do it is through innovative and bold business marketing companies in Orange County.

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Is entrepreneurial marketing really a thing? Or is it just a fancy name to make it stand out and sell some products under a different name? Some days ago, someone asked me a question about entrepreneurial marketing and if it was the right way to go for her new business. I looked at her with a question mark carved on my face. There are some different points of view on how marketing should be approached, and I do have my personal opinion on this matter, so instead of throwing a long list of terms at her, I asked what she meant exactly with entrepreneurial marketing.